The Competition
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Written by Dan Valle
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The Competition is an out-of-series issue of Dan's 6th Grade Adventures.


Colin Kondracki holds a competition to make a few a little more joyful...


  • Some of the jocks are based on the game, Bully.
  • This is similar to The SG Games held in the issue Sidekick!?.
    • Although The SG Games had twelve contestants, three rounds, and three finalists, this competition has a proper sixteen contestants, four rounds, and two finalists.
  • This competition was hinted in both The Story of My Life and My Fate's Near.
    • In the last panel of The Story of My Life, Colin says "I know what will cheer you up."
    • In the first few panels of My Fate's Near, everyone is hurt and upset but a few, which could hint the competition was physical, similar to The SG Games.


  First Round
16 contestants
Quarter Finals
8 contestants
Semi Finals
4 contestants
2 finalists
 Ryan Coller Won  
 Kirby Olsen Lost  
   Ryan Coller Lost  
   Casey Harris Won  
 Moosa Qureshi Lost
 Casey Harris Won  
   Casey Harris Won  
   Liam Prescott Lost  
 Liam Prescott Won  
 Kenneth Olson Lost  
   Liam Prescott Won
   Luis Luna Disqualified  
 Arik Sisco Lost
 Luis Luna Won  
   Casey Harris Tied
   Dan Valle Tied
 Dan Valle Won  
 Moe Lamb Lost  
   Dan Valle Won
   Bo Jackson Lost  
 Colin Kondracki Lost
 Bo Jackson Won  
   Dan Valle Won
   Damon West Lost  
 Dre Adams Lost  
 Damon West Won  
   Adam Wildasin Lost
   Damon West Won  
 Adam Wildasin Won
 Wilbur Spikes Disqualified