Season One, Episode Three - Five, Third - Fifth Overall
Vital statistics
Issue Finished 3/13/14, about 465 panels
Written by Dan Valle
Guest Star(s) Micah Selby

Ryan Coller (moved on as main cast at end of episode)

Zach Machtinger

Abigeil Ferenci

Kyle Heiser (mentioned)

Charlie Dye

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Sidekick!? is the third, fourth, and fifth issue of the first season of Dan's 6th Grade Adventures.


A battle of the rank goes awry when Dan is kidnapped by new enemies in the process...twice! One of the special guests will move on to the main cast!



  • This is, so far, the biggest cast in the series (including mentions and cameos)
  • Since the Special Guests signed up during the process of issue two, they needed to be in this issue but since it's a three-part event, they are in Sidekick!?.
  • Ryan has the RIC watch on his arm when he is handed the map by Dan, even though he is handed the watch at the end of the issue.