Remember Forever
Dan Valle
Released May 20, 2014 (real life)

The Story of My Life (first appearance)

Recorded Late Winter, 2014 (real life)
Length Unknown
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

Remember Forever is a song sung by Dan, Ryan, Zach and Arik in Dan's 6th Grade Adventures. The lyrics are credited to none other than Dan Valle. This song is sung in a flashback in the episode The Story of My Life. It is also shown as a flashback for one panel in Finale: They're...Gone right before Dan's close death. After that episode, Dan sings the first four lines slowly in Finale: Into the Wild sitting on a log.

In The Story of My Life, Dan was talking about his past and stumbled across Remember Forever.

In Finale: They're...Gone, right before Dan was saved by Ryan from a shot by Wilbur, Dan's life quickly flashed before his very eyes after figuring out he was going to die, and Remember Forever appeared while that was happening.

In Finale: Into the Wild, Dan sadly and slowly sings the first four lines of the song while sitting on a log with Colin. He sang it like this:

The flowers aren't blooming...School is over...We're lost in the woods...Calling myself a...(gets interrupted by Colin)


Dan: The flowers are blooming

School is almost over

Ryan: We're gettin' in the pool

Past the day of the clover

Dan: Summer is fun

We're throwing out the book

Ryan: So let's enjoy our time

At camp Kenbrook

(Start Chorus)

All: Camp Kenbrook

A time to enjoy

Camp Kenbrook

Oh, yeah we'll enjoy!

Camp Kenbrook

A time to remember

Camp Kenbro-o-ook

Remember Forever

(End Chorus)

Dan: We're in six grade

We're in the shade

Ryan: But ne-ext year

We're in the seventh grade

Dan: We have no idea

What'll happen next year

Ryan: But the seventh grade

Is very near


Arik: Say "Hi!" to my friends in Lebanon

Zach: Visit a friend in Florida

Arik: Play games with my best friend 4 doors down

Zach: Waiting for a plane to Georgia

Arik: I wonder what you'll do during Summer-cation time

Zach: I'm running out of words, for this song, to rhyme

Arik: Let's skip to the end, I am getting off of hook

Zach: But we all know we're in...


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