Mobile Academic Computer
M.A.C. as a computer in "Sidekick!?".
Vital statistics
Position Mom/Assistant
Age Unaged
Status Computer (season 1)

Alive (season 2 & 3)

Dead (as of the second-to-last episode)

Physical attributes
Height 5' (computer)

5'2 (humanoid)

Weight 75lb (computer)

127lb (humanoid)

The Mobile Academic Computer or M.A.C. is one of the main characters of the series.


"Spoiler Alert! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"
MoosaError This page can "spoil" the enjoyment that some of the narrative would otherwise have experienced. Please, read at your own risk.

All this info is before AND after the series began/ended.

When Dan Valle just learned to walk, his mom died. His dad is very sick and buys M.A.C., and his dad passes away. M.A.C. helps him through his early life from A B C's to math.

Five years later, M.A.C. is officially Dan's adopted mom and home-schools him.

One year later, M.A.C. decides to enter Dan in a public school, but feels lonely in a rented house.

One year later, M.A.C. gets informed that Dan is bullied at school and gets paranoid. M.A.C. then finds out Dan worked it out with the bullies. M.A.C. thinks Dan no longer need her for tutoring. M.A.C. then transforms into a watch for extra protection to any other bullies.

Three months later, she gets engaged with R.I.C..

57 months later, after M.A.C. (at this time known as Mac) is dead and divorced, her son then moves on to new experiences.


M.A.C. is an overprotective, stealthy foster mother/robot that protects Dan no matter what. M.A.C. can get lost in her thoughts, but risks her live to save her adopted son. She is a computer screen with a long wire attached to four wheels. This is known as "computer mode". She can also be a digital watch. As of Eaten, M.A.C. turns into a humanoid, then called Mac Humanchip.