This is a list of main characters and a short summary.

Dan ValleEdit


Dan with a cast.

Main article: Dan Valle Dan is an 11-year-old hero/adventurer with an adoptive mom, formerly a hi tech computer watch, with the name of M.A.C. He is the main protagonist of the series.

Moosa QureshiEdit

Main article: Moosa Qureshi


Moosa is on the far left.

Moosa is a 12-year-old adventurer that helps Dan and the rest of the main characters on crazy adventures. He dies in Finale: They're...Gone. He is one of many main characters of the series.

M.A.C./Mac HumanchipEdit

Main article: Mobile Academic Computer


M.A.C. revealing the secret of her and Dan.

M.A.C. is a foster mother/computer assistant to Dan. She is a mobile computer (as of her name) up until Eaten when he along with R.I.C. turn into humans. She is one of many main characters of the series.

Adam WildasinEdit

Main article: Adam Wildasin Adam is an 11-year-old adventurer that tags along Dan and tries to be in his good side most of the time. He betrays Dan in Dre! Sam! Adam!. He is one of the many main characters of the series.