Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday
Season One, Episode Two, Second Overall
Vital statistics
Issue Finished 1/17/14, 173 panels
Written by Dan Valle
Guest Star(s) None
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Freaky Friday is the second issue of the first season of Dan's 6th Grade Adventures.


Dan and Arik switch bodies, and they try to find out who or what caused it.



  • This issue was finished on a Friday.
  • In the end of the first page, Arik seems hyper and energetic. Later pages, when him and Dan switched bodies, he was more serious than Dan, then at the end after defeating P.Lazma, he peaked out a bit of laziness and confusion.
  • This was originally going to be apart of the four-part Sidekick!? event, but backfired and the Sidekick!? event started as a three-part event, starting in the next issue.