Dan Valle
Dan with a cast, seen in Sidekick!?.
Vital statistics
Position Hero/Adventurer
Age 11
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'9
Weight Unknown

Daniel Adam Valle is the main protagonist of the series.


Remember: All back stories are COMIC BASED and NOT REAL IN ANY WAY!!!


When Dan just learned to walk, his mom died. His dad is very sick and buys a Mobile Academic Computer, or M.A.C., and his dad passes away. M.A.C. helps him through his early life from A B C's to math. M.A.C. is officially Dan's adopted mom and home-schools him. Dan, in the preschool age and knows how to multiply three numbers by three numbers, but developed asthma. Dan also meets Trey Hughes, and became best friends. M.A.C. decides to enter Dan in a public school during the second grade, where he meets Moosa Qureshi, Arik Sisco, Adam Wildasin, Dre Adams, Sam Ross, Dakota Lawson, Paige Dalto, Micah Selby, Ryan Coller, Zach Machtinger, Abigeil Frerenci, and Charlie Dye. Dan meets bullies Liam Prescott and Colin Kondracki during a car project in the third grade. Dan was creating a wooden go-car he named "The Flammenwerfer", which means "Flamethrower" in German (and, yeah, he also learned more languages from M.A.C.). The reason Colin and Liam were bullying Dan is they thought it wasn't hurting Dan's feelings. So they apologized and became friends, and The Flammenwerfer became a big success with the help of Liam and Colin. After Dan and Colin gets adopted by a foreigner in the last issue, Trey, Sam, Dre, Adam, Paige, Liam, and Arik betrayed Dan, M.A.C. and R.I.C. gets divorced, and Dakota, Moosa, and M.A.C. dies during the second-to-last issue, they move out to a small cabin with plenty of food, water, and an education.


Dan has a circular head with black diagonal swerve hair. When enraged, he can turn pure blue. As seen in Sidekick!? and The Flower of Edora, Dan can get hurt easily and when injured, he usually has a cast on. As revealed in an out-of-series issue The Birthday, then later in Fear Hall, Dan has acrophobia, arachnophobia and nyctohylophobia.

Episode Appearance

Season 1