A Bulgy Universe
Season One, Episode Seven (scrapped), unknown Overall
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"This article is about an issue that has been scrapped, meaning it was planned to be created, but got cancelled at some point during its production for one or more reasons.

A Bulgy Universe is a scrapped episode, originally the seventh episode of the first season of Dan's Sixth Grade Adventures.



This episode was originally the first episode, with COMPLETELY different characters besides Dan, with anime-related characters, and an extra drawer Abigeil Ferenci. This was planned in October of '13.

Synopsis: Dan finds himself in a more embarrassing environment...he's "bulgy" and "anime"!


This episode moved to the seventh episode with the same synopsis and was planned in November 3rd of '13.


As of the twenty-fifth of November, '13, this issue was officially scrapped due to the fact that this issue would need the major use of colors.


Two known characters were Dan Valle and Abigeil Ferenci. Other characters were ether forgotten, unplanned, or unknown.